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- water resistant ihome for the bathroom
- brian frouds world of fairies book (:D I love him)
- clothes i picked out and was going to buy for myself until my mom took them from me to give me for christmas :/
- my claddagh (i told my brother what to get me but I LOVE it. yay for him having a fiancee that works in a jewelry store!)
- a lap table so Aiden (yes my laptop) isn't sitting directly on my bed.

and of course... socks.
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so, today was the follow up visit :/

Not so bad, only a list of 5 things to fix. i think my assistant made the first visit out to be much worse than it actually was. My DM told me that she was in a really bad mood when she originally came so she went off on my assistant a bit so blah blah blah it was stupid easy to fix crap. Most of the problem was with signage, if they would stop changing it every fucking day maybe stores would know what they are supposed to have up. GUH

I'm still frustrated but I think I may be able to survive Christmas.
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shitty day. :[

I really want to step down but I know ppl would chop my head off if I even muttered anything about it.

With my dad loosing his job and the crap economy right now, we need the $. It's not even like it's that much more though :/
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what he asks for,

he gets.

Post your macros or just ones you find funny.
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biggest asshole ever. yeah, that would be me.
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More FBR family pics!

Alex Marshall with brother!Collapse )
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